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Stay connected with wildlife! 

Wildlife Warriors around the world are reconnecting with wildlife by camping out at home - all in support of conservation!

From the lounge room floor to Nullarbor, no matter where your home is, pitch a tent, turn off your technology and take some time to reconnect with the amazing world around us.

What's more, you could win some camptastic prizes! Ask your friends and family to sponsor your efforts and help support our mission to protect wildlife.

Participating in Backyard Campout is easy! Here's how!

1. Pick your spot!

Choose to pitch a tent in the backyard or build a blanket fort in the lounge room!

2. Plan your backyard-venture!

Pick a date and plan your activities. Perhaps you could switch off technology and explore the plants and wildlife in your backyard!

3. Fundraise to help wildlife!

Encourage your family and friends to sponsor your efforts! Use your Everyday Hero Online Fundraising page to collect donations and share your journey with your supporters.

4. Win camptastic prizes!

The top 5 highest fundraisers will win some ripper prizes! Check out the full prize list here. Woo-hoo!

What are you waiting for? Register today and join in the fun!

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